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84-88 Fiero Aftermarket Wheels

Four (4) 14" wheels that came off my 85 Fiero.
They will fit 84-88.
5 Lug on a 100mm bolt circle.
They are aftermarket wheels made by Enkei.
They are in Fair shape and require some TLC.
The black will need repainting.
The lips are scratched and need polishing.
A couple of curb dings.
One can be straightened, the other could use a weld bead because it cracked when I tried to straighten it. I don't think it is a safety problem as I drove it that way for three years.

Click on the pictures to see bigger ones

Image46.jpg (92352 bytes)Image11.jpg (69014 bytes)

This is the one that cracked right where the bead turns into the bead area: Image8.jpg (55201 bytes)Image9.jpg (64945 bytes)

This one can be straightened out:Image10.jpg (67909 bytes)


If you look closely you can see the Enkei in upper left: Image45.jpg (52951 bytes)