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September 3, 2000 - Man a lot has happened since last September! It is now painted and I
took it to the Street Rod Nationals In Louisville, KY. I put over 1200 miles on it in the month of
August. Still working little bugs out but it is getting better everyday. Here are some pictures of
it as it looks now and some pictures from the Stray Cats 7th Annual Rod and Custom Show in
Littleton, NC I attended yesterday.

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As if you couldn't tell, I am taking a liking to the later model 34-40 sedans!
I guess you could call it "Looking for a family car!!!"


September 4, 1999 - Went to the Stray Cats 6th Annual Rod and Custom Show in Littleton, NC.
Almost got rained out but I did win my first two awards! I won the "People's Choice" and the
"Best Unfinished" awards. Those awards have made the buildup of this car worth every penny
and minute! Here's a shot of mine, and some others I liked.
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June 12, 1999 - A lot has happened since April, I took it to the Street Rod Nationals East in York, PA last week and had a great time. Here are some pictures from York. Here also are the latest pictures of the T after I made a vinyl top, made a bed cover and had a friend (Randy Emerick) lay on some pinstripe flames. Let me know what you think!

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April 4, 1999 - Much needed update, the car is back on the road, lots of bugs but at least I'm
driving it again after about a year and a half!

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